Rockin’ with Rambo!


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds… No, I’m not auditioning for the US Postal Service, (several people mistook my fortitude) I was busy rocking it out at School of Rock.
You do all you can to be a triple or quadruple threat these days in the musical theatre world – but sometimes you’re not quite right for the role. I showed up at School of Rock, sang, danced or maybe more specifically, pranced around, adding in jumps and spins for effect. Then we got to the mandatory musical instrument segment, and I bought out my triangle.  It’s the only instrument I have had the opportunity to master. Others had more of the ‘expected’ instruments like guitar, base, electric piano – frankly those are hard for me to carry in my teeth.
Sadly, it seems I’ve had a series of disappointments – but only in that I didn’t get the role. I am deliriously happy with my performance and my fortitude and energy so onwards I go!  It’s not always getting the job but enjoying the process and doing your best.

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