Yeah I’m a little upset. Wouldn’t you be, if you did a stellar audition and STILL found yourself shut out of the Oompa Loompa entrance?!  It’s an archaic system if they can’t look ‘outside the door’ and select talent that doesn’t fit the mold. 

C’mon people, I put on an orange jumpsuit – which was not 4 way stretch mind you, and performed with more energy than any of the Oompa Loompas I saw in the movies. I realize the Oompas tend to cling to their uniformity, but it’s 2017 and time for some uniqueness. Not every Oompa Loompa has to be in exact formation. If I thought an extra twirl appropriate during our audition dance, I would hope I’d be congratulated not castigated for elevating the choreography.  Ok, this was obviously not the show for me, even thought the entrance is beyond adorable…. I mean stately.

It’s still Spring – opportunity is in the air – so I will not be disMAYed. I’m not waiting for MAY for my next audition, I’m getting right back out there.  See you soon!  #talentoversight


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