Thanksgiving: Before & After

img_9104   img_6106

I’m stuffed! I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach… that’s the saying but when I look in the mirror, my stomach is always bigger. This Thanksgiving made sure of that. I was particularly hungry since I embarked on a modest breakfast, knowing what was to come but then disaster struck. My Aunt called saying she was going to be late. Argghh. I had it timed so that I could eat, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Dog show and then eat again – pure perfection. I wanted to bark loudly and pronounce my dismay, but instead I chose to be more accommodating and flexible. It’s Thanksgiving after all.

I considered the options, maybe a little crudite or cheese to hold me over. I surveyed the tables and found one to contain Brie and Stilton cheese. I have not had these before as they are a bit fancier than the usual cheeses my mom buys. I could not find a veggie plate around so I was flexible and chose the cheese. At first I just sat across from the cheese and let my needs be known. But it turned out, the conversation in the room drowned out my low growls and I had to become a bit more assertive. I began to teeter on the edge of the sofa, looking like I was going to jump ON the cheese. That got their attention and soon I was feasting on small but tasty morsels of Brie.

I was feeling satisfied until the moment Grandpa brought the turkey out so all could admire it. Oh I admired it. I wanted to eat it with all my being but all I could do was perch myself on the sofa and gaze admiringly.  Soon you will be mine – mantra’d through my head.  Eventually everyone arrived and the feast began. It was a round table so I made the Rounds. I got a bowl of my own but then I gave my sad eye stare and garnered a lot more food. Deeeeelicious!!!

I filled up leaving a tiny area in said stomach for dessert. I saw the pumpkin pie and pineapple cake and ice-cream cake make their way to the table. My Aunt made some spinach and black bean brownies but they did not go over as well as the standard dessert fare. I just wanted the vanilla ice cream.

I gave my growl and waited. The bowl was brought down and it contained turkey. What?! I want dessert. I stuck my nose in the air and waited for them to take the turkey away (hopefully to put in a plastic bag for later eating) and bring me a proper dessert. Mom keyed in to my needs and I got some vanilla ice cream – now Thanksgiving was complete. I found my way to a cool spot under the table and I don’t remember anymore. After the 6th bowl of food, he rested.  That’s the saying right? Thanks to all and to all a good night.



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