Learning to think of others first


It’s that time of year again. My time of year, the giving season.

After all,  I’m a compassionate guy. I always greet with a smile, sniff or kiss, I’ll always turn to offer sympathy if someone sneezes or wheezes, I’ll even snuggle next to you if you need something warm and fuzzy near by. But this year it got serious.

In the past, mom has had me walk to various locations to help her donate clothing, furniture and the like. I enjoy seeing the smile on the recipient’s faces. We also have ‘Smile Days’ where we hang bags of treats on sundry apartment doors. Mom helps me with the notes that say something like – Hope this brings a smile, or Happy Monday! All I have to do is put my paw print on the note.

Today however, she told me we were donating food. FOOD?!! are you sure?  Don’t we need our food, I pleaded. She told me it was for deserving families that couldn’t afford their own and especially at Thanksgiving, it is important to be thankful and share.

That sharing concept is tough to grapple with but we did it. I almost jumped back in the bin to retrieve a few of my favorites, but mom promised I would have enough to eat too. I trust her.


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