Lost in Space


While blogging 101 may be at its end, it is the start for many of us on a new adventure.  Taking what has been learned or even simply touched on, adds the curiosity of what more is out there coaxing us to explore further and stretch our boundaries.

Throughout this blogging process, the most important thing I garnered was to be truthful. To be truthful to myself, meaning I share what I am thinking and feeling and noticing, because while we all share common beliefs, we are still individuals. Seeing something from a different angle, or with a sense of humor, or from the depths of despair, may be the jolt of ‘aha’ that is needed to propel us deeper into that amazing zone – where you get lost in the joy of creativity and expression.

Besides the writing, which was how I initially viewed blogging, I learned of the importance of connecting. There’s such a paradox today of being so incredibly connected through technology but not even seeing the person walking in front of you because you are texting. When you truly connect, you feel a warmth, that fuzzy feeling of being heard and of listening to others. It’s a give and take – a true treat.

But now, being connected means different things. To some, having thousands of friends on Facebook, or being followed by hundreds or thousands on Twitter or WordPress is being connected and ‘happy’. But not only to we need to be truthful in what we write, but we need to be honest with what indeed is fulfilling to ourselves.

If the process of writing and connecting genuinely brings joy, I believe the process will flow uninterrupted, and you will touch others in ways unimagined years ago. So remember to stay truthful and have fun… life is too short. I’m too short, do you know that I need a booster seat just to sit at the Thanksgiving day table?!

A small price to pay for the delectable delights coming my way tomorrow. Farewell for now  blogging class – Continue to Boldly go where no one has gone before.


One thought on “Lost in Space

  1. This is a thoughtful and meaningful post. I feel being unique we all create a beautiful picture if we bring-in our perspectives. Stating truth without hurting others is something I admire most and aspire towards. If we hear others and listen we help heal both parties involved. Blogging is socializing and the same things which make relations full of quality make blogging too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Happy thanksgiving!

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂


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