Celebrate Good Times – Woo Hoo!

I love a party!   Ok, I love the concept of a party: bday

When I think about having a party I imagine everyone showing up, their shoes and coats magically disappearing as they enter the apartment.

When I think about having a party, everyone helps themselves to a drink. There is plenty of ice already prepared in baggies, having been stored up from endless trays over the last two weeks. Of course, no one spills anything so there is no need for the carpet cleaner and paper towels stored under the sink.

When I think about having a party, everyone participates equally, working the room, meeting new people and catching up with older friends. Everyone is game to play a game – of charades or the like and we all end up laughing hysterically.

When I think having a party, there is an abundance of food, from spanakopita appetizers, to hummus and crudite. A main dish of homemade turkey and veggie chili with all the toppings. (There will be just the right number of people who drop a little on the floor so that I can gobble up some treats too)Desserts will be abundant because it is a party and when else can you eat these things guilt free? Warm chocolate chip cookies – right out of the oven,  home churned ice- cream, tart apple pie, dark chocolate candies mixed with caramel, or sea salt or almonds or macadamia nuts, or all of them combined into a taste sensation! Throw in some gummy candies too bursting in bright colors. These are poured into soda glasses to brighten the room as well as the taste buds.

When I think about having a party, the music mix is perfect. The songs are fun and upbeat, keeping some part of your body, a finger, a head, a foot –  moving no matter what. But then you find yourself energized and spontaneously breaking into a dance step for no reason but your soul tells you so. You get others to join you and before you know it, the room is a blur of arms and legs and bodies in motion. (I of course jump onto a now available sofa so I don’t get stepped on) After a while, the dancing fades and the drinking commences and the lightness of being is truly felt.

Of course, my mom who orchestrates this party makes the magic happen. She is the one putting the coats and shoes away, running to pour the drinks, shopping and preparing the meals, making baggies of ice, cooking, plating, introducing new people to others so they feel included, prompting others to play the ‘silly game’ which turns out to be more fun than expected, making playlists and then cleaning up, vacuuming (while I growl furiously at the aptly named devil vac) washing dishes and cleaning up the apartment until it looks like new again.

So if the concept and the actual doing are so different, why does she continue to do it? Because she loves to share in the joy. She loves to be surrounded by people having fun. And this high, is worth the effort taken to have a party – you’ll see that it is true when you  host a celebration of your own. Just like the song says, Celebrate Good Times – Woof Hoo!

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