True Colors


Today was sans color. Well, maybe a little grey, woven betweens whites and blues… it’s overcast if you want to cut to the chase. A good day to stay inside and read or write or eat or bite, or sleep or Skype. So I decided to browse the blogs today and I find that the blogs that pull my interest the most, are the ones that shine beyond the word. The ones that share a unique passion or perspective or writing style. Ones that share their true colors, like the cyndi lauper song I love.

It seems today that so much in society is about taking; what you can take, make, bake, shake…             More is better and a lot more is best. We are constantly being compared, or comparing ourselves to others and life becomes a reflection rather than a source.

I meditated this morning and connected with the feeling of being in the flow. There are those days where things just move along and it is like you are floating on a current in the ocean. I believe that is why I treasure being on boats and near water – it is calming, relaxing and easy.  In the water one feels supported and weight is lifted.

My mom was on swim team when she was younger, and she is also a Pisces which makes her very comfortable in water. I love the water too – in a boat. I love the breeze on my face when I’m in a boat that’s catching the wind. What I’m not that fond of is baths, but I tolerate them because I like being clean and I always feel more energized when I get to jump out of the tub and run around the apartment like a maniac! There are two sides to everything – Its a balance. And I think that is where we all are running a bit amok.

Today there seems to be more taking than giving. Politicians are talking of building walls rather than tearing them down, that a stronger defense is best… Do walls and missiles, guns and bombs make us feel safer? Why are we afraid to tell the truth?  Are people and countries afraid to show their weaknesses? Where does it start and where does it end?

I got into a bit of a flow there and just went with it. These thoughts lie heavily on my mind in importance, directly after what I’m having for dinner and breakfast… and maybe a tiny bit above treats.  I don’t have all the answers – yet, but I believe if I share my thoughts and others do the same, maybe together we can work it out.


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