Veterans Day 2015!

Happy Veterans Day!
Happy Veterans Day!

It’s Veterans Day and I love holidays, so I got dressed up and with a little skip in my step went out to celebrate! First stop – Dr. Fisch – my Vet.  It slowly dawned on me as Millie the receptionist at Dr. Fisch’s office said, Rambo, I think you have the day confused. Today is not in celebration of VET-erinarians, it’s in celebration of Veterans.

Yikes! There was this awkward paws… so I gave Millie a big kiss,  snuck a treat from the desk and scrambled out the door making my way to the big holiday celebration – the parade! Oh it was glorious… marching bands and Veterans all in uniform, a true site to behold.

I thought of my neighbor Stan, my favorite Vet. (he gives me bacon) He also has a number of medals on his wall, including a purple heart. It’s hard to imagine him anywhere else but on my hall, with his bright red scooter and that smile on his face – but he has stories to tell. I wish we didn’t have to have military personnel to protect us. Maybe one day we will live in a world that has evolved beyond that. But until then, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Stan as well as my friend Carlos, also a decorated Vet, along with all the other Vets – who I don’t know personally, but wish I did. Many thanks. 


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