The Treat Window… and it smells good too!

The Treat Window
The Treat Window
Sometimes I hate being short.

Have I mentioned that I love treats?  If not, I do!

There are times when I expect a treat… like when I do my business in an efficient and timely manner – particularly if mom has to go to teach in a few minutes. Or when I perform my tricks, such as sit, stay, high 5, down, roll over, jump through hoop…Some of my skills are more entertaining; I garnered quite a crowd one afternoon at FedEx (treat friendly branch at corner of 42nd and 11th) and that was only for my spin and high 5!

In fact,  I’m starting to cultivate a number of small businesses in the area that realize the importance of customers like me. They have intuited that by providing treats, they will get repeat business. It is a smart business decision as I almost insist that mom frequent these locations. And she always says the same thing when I drag her in, Oh, this is why you wanted to come here! Well, it’s a win win in my book.

Some treats you have to work for and others practically fall in your lap. That’s why you have to be ready. Today I was practically in my apartment when I heard the faintest of sounds from down the hallway. It was my neighbor Stan. He likes me. He is a decorated Veteran and the toughest nice guy you could know. He says I’m the only small dog he likes. And this friendship has payed off in spades. Because when I heard Stan exiting his apartment I ran with remarkable speed. And even though he was halfway out his door – he saw me and doubled back to get me a strip of real bacon.

I chomped down and ran with the bacon flapping in the breeze back to my own apartment. But when I heard Stan say something else, I thought it rude to eat and run – or more correctly run and eat, so I doubled back and ate in front of him. My mom says I eat too fast, but I make sure to chew. Sometimes I must admit the taste is so good I want it in my stomach as fast as possible. Later, I realize that it would have been good to savor it a little more –make the good times last. So I make a mental note to self.  But it always seems that I forget the note to self, in the flurry of flavorful food!

Coming into prime treat season,  I know I will have many more opportunities to work on this on going issue of treat restraint. It may take a lot of work, but sometimes a LOT of practice is a good thing!


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