Living Moment to Moment


Mom opened the door. I bounded toward her but she simply squeezed me like a squeaky toy and mumbled, I’m running to yoga!  As she pulled out her yoga mat and dashed to the closet to find her yoga pants she said, I know it’s wrong to be scrambling; I stood at alert, keys poised as I rode the elevator. Now I’m like a lunatic, rushing so I can get to class and lie there in Savasana. How peaceful can that be when my heart is racing a mile a minute? I totally expected to have been home earlier… And out she went, key turning in the lock and little footpads down the hall getting softer and softer until the elevator ding in the distance.

We had the discussion about living in the present moment but in this moment she is totally ‘futuring’.  While she usually returns much more zen I believe she needs to curb this flurry of pressure and anxiety to get to class. Otherwise, all the effort she puts into class will only balance out the anxiety and she will plateau on the pressure/zen scale of life.

I looked it up – the abundance of classes and workshops to lessen stress and promote present moment awareness is staggering. We are one stressed out society. But I feel that’s part of my purpose in being here. I’m like a hairy buddha.    I encourage joy and laughter and I have very specific methods.

First off I’m pretty cute. And like Marilyn Monroe I can turn it on… the cuteness.  I am also very perceptive and know when someone needs a little extra attention. Sometimes it is a slow kiss across the face or a ticklish sniff in the ear. Other times, all that’s needed is a well positioned curl up next to the person and my calm presence transfers over. Even if they move a little I’ll stretch out a leg so I won’t lose contact. One of my favorite positions is lying lengthwise on someone’s lap. I did that as a tiny pup and it just feels good to this day. Usually I’ll lie on mom’s lap in the morning and she will scratch my back and give me a little sports massage. Then it’s time to step into my harness and we’re off for the first walk of the day.

I have certain things I like to do each day, but I don’t set time constraints. I’m more of a ‘go with the flow’ type guy. I like to look at each day with a new eye and see and smell everything anew. I love to stand still and let the wind blow the hair on my body. It feels so magnificent and it is so wonderfully haphazard. Sometimes mom seems fine with this technique and other times she is pulling and trying to get me to smell faster or skip a tree or two or stop sauntering and run. She has even resorted to picking me up and carrying me inside at times – yes, I may have been particularly slow that day, but to be picked up? I get a little disgruntled, but soon I let that all go and I find another stunning moment. Whether it’s the flower guy in the lobby, or one of my buddies in the elevator, or we run into a friend who asks if it’s ok if I have a treat. Oh life can be so good!

Great moments abound. But sometimes you have to be in the moment to feel them.


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