Election Day… Really?!

Me and Grandma at lunch.
Me and Grandma at lunch.

The first Tuesday in November – Election Day!  I am usually a stickler for following all holidays but this one nearly slipped past my radar – gasp! It’s true, I hadn’t given it much thought, since there was truly nothing going on where I live to vote on. Maybe a referendum at best, but that hardly warranted me dragging mom to the polling place and relenting to one of those ‘I just voted’ stickers being happily glued to my collar.

The way I found out was that my Aunt Mimi had off from work. I overheard mom laugh into the phone, you have off today for election day?! Then there was the blah blah blah… and finally something of import… Ok, let’s do lunch. I perked up. As the day progressed, I found out that mom, mimi and grandma were all going to go to lunch and it was up to me, to make it known that I wanted to join in the festivities. I did everything I could do be exceptionally polite. I did my business outside quickly and efficiently, I refrained from barking at the big ominous dog that followed me into the elevator, I caught the ball thrown into the hall and actually retrieved it. And then I waited.

The lunch hour approached and I could see mom prepping to leave. I sauntered over to the front door area and lingered there hoping mom would pick up my leash and I’d be on my way. It seemed an eternity as she fiddled in the closet but then I saw it – my carry bag!  The bag was out – adventure was in the making. Do you want to have lunch with Mimi and Grandma? What? Are you kidding?  Of course – let’s go! I picked up the leash in my mouth and sniffed by the door. The door opened and I flew down the hall. We got to the curb – but no car – where are they? I may have barked a little, including my high pitched bark, which I save for particularly important moments, eliciting a scornful glance from mom. And after several endless minutes, they finally pulled up. We got inside the car and drove uptown.

I got to stick my head out the window and everyone wanted to hold me. I gave out some kisses and then focused on the nearly perfect November day – crisp, sunny and warm… unseasonably warm, the way I like it. We drove through the park from the west to the east side and found a cute Mediterranean restaurant. There was ample seating outside so we all sat down. We all were served water, and mine came in an extra large bowl which was quite thoughtful. I also got my own chair but mom insisted I stay in my bag. It would be good if I could get a booster pad in my carrying case for these occasions as I tend to be a bit short for dining properly. Nonetheless, I was able to secure a decent meal as mom kept tossing grilled chicken in the bag. After the meal, we walked around and checked out a few stores. It was a fun afternoon.  A day I would elect to have again.


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