Higher Education Rocks!

It’s been a good day. It’s the first day of November, the sun shone brightly, I went to Central Park and cheered for the runners in the NYC marathon and the topper… I found out that I was accepted into Blog U.

I was hoping to get accepted. After all, I received my prestigious puppy kindergarten degree from Biscuits and Bath at 8 months and to now be accepted into Blog U at only 5 years of age, makes me extremely happy!

My name is Rambo and I am a ‘New’ Yorkie. My mom has been a gymnast, aerialist, dancer, and fitness teacher — but she also loves to write. I suppose I psychically inherited her desire to write, but both of us are very busy and don’t always get to doing what it is we really love to do. So with my acceptance into University, I hope to become more focused and not put off writing to do ‘other things’.

I’m also not that confident in all the URL’s and hyperlinks and tags, and it has kept me from blogging before, but now I am changing my attitude, even posting on Facebook as Rambo FURman – blogger, just to put that energy out in the world.  Now all I have to do is actually write. I’m jumping in with 4 paws!



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