Marathon Day 2015!

Rambomarathon It’s Marathon Day in New York City and I couldn’t be more excited! I love to run… and to see so many people doing it – for so long – is amazing. I’m not old enough to run in the marathon myself, but honestly I’m not sure I could run the whole way. I’m more of a sprinter. I must have those fast twitch muscles that allow me to reach peak speeds quickly but don’t allow for sustaining that speed for more than a few blocks. I also tend to run faster if it rains, but only if I’m running in the direction of home.

Yes, it would seem I have set up a few prerequisites which might not jive with the NYC marathon rules. That’s ok. I love cheering too. I love to watch the various people run by, see what they are wearing and give a woof or two for support. It’s also great to see so many people united, many running for meaningful causes or to show that they have overcome a serious health obstacle. To run through every borough of New York in one running, shows you can overcome almost anything!

The best part, in my opinion is the finish – because now you can treat yourself to as many treats as possible without guilt. I am a big lover of treats. So much so, that I am considering running just for the treat overloading I would have to do, in order to sustain my energy. I guess I’ll start small and work my way up to it. I can walk/run over 40 blocks maximum, (on a good day) so if I do the math…      I see that it might take quite a while to work up to the 26 miles. That’s ok, something to work toward!


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