Money Manager for the day

Hi Rambo here.  It is practically Halloween and since mom picked out a spider costume for me to wear, I am going to be a Spider on Halloween.  I’d prefer Spiderman or one of the other super heroes as I feel more akin to those personas. But mom has this enormous spider that she wants to attach to my body with the legs flying all over – as if the four I have is not enough – so since it makes her smile, I’m game.

Today however, I am working from the inside out. I am going with a different, more subtle costume – what is called a money manager or financial consultant. I googled it. I think it is important for me to embody this character since I’ve heard that financial people spend a lot of time thinking about and investing money so they can have a lot of it. For me, I realize that treats cost money, and since I love treats, I need money. It’s that simple…more money = more treats.

Now, I have made some of my own money in the past, for instance when I did the spread for Women’s Health Magazine. I was the model accompanying the taller and blonder model who wore the boots that were being shown. It was a lot of work, over 8 hours – but we got some great shots and I got paid!  Mom set up a separate treat account for me, but I believe the reserves are getting low. (I eat a lot)

I know there are much more important things than money in the world, but I would like to know what it feels like to have unlimited amounts. Of course, if I really think about it, I already have unlimited treats. I can walk into stores and they give me treats every time. I get to become friends with all the ‘treat people’ as I call them and if I just bought and ate all my own treats I’d be fat and alone. Hmm.

On second thought, maybe the spider is a better idea after all. I can increase my bone density toting that spider body around town, get a good workout and people will be so impressed that they will give me treats –Maybe mom does know best.Rambomoneymanager


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